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Grooming Your New Baby







Fuzzy Wuzzy Puppies should be kept in a Puppy cut. This cut is very  popular in many breeds. . The ideal puppy cut makes the adult resemble a bigger version of a younger puppy. Your Fuzzy Wuzzy pup needs training to get a puppy cut as much as you need training in giving one. Unless you go to an experienced Groomer. To do a puppy cut you will need electric clippers with a number four blade length to do the job.


Because of the incredible thickness and length of their cuddly coat, they need to be kept clipped.  Doing this saves the owner an incredible amount of time and worry. Having short hair rather than long hair does not bother the Fuzzy Wuzzy puppy. But they are bothered when their coats are matted and dirty . The fuzzy wuzzy puppy will become become miserable when this happens. Keeping your fur-kids coat tangle free is the goal of daily grooming.

The puppy cut is the usual style that most puppy parents keep their fuzzy wuzzy puppy in. Most puppy parents usually give their fuzzy wuzzy puppy their first trim at three or four months of age, and then about every six to eight weeks for the rest of their lives. You can choose to take your fur kid to a professional groomer, or you can try to give it a go yourself after seeing how it is done a few times. You also need to be sure your dog will sit still for you.

A professional dog groomer best accomplishes the puppy cut. They can easily be found in your local telephone book, or your local vets office.

Your FuzzyWuzzy Puppy will have to return to the groomer every six to eight weeks to keep the fast growing coat under control. The fuzzy wuzzy puppy coats also seem to be a magnet for every particle of dirt around. Fortunately, your fuzzy wuzzy puppy  would rather sit in your lap than romp over hill side. The FuzzyWuzzy puppy are miserable when their coats are matted, which can easily happen unless you take some time to brush your fur kid every day.

A puppy cut is great for easy grooming but other grooming supplies will be necessary and can be found wherever pet products are sold. You need a nail clipper, a soft brush, a small slicker (or pin) brush (which have a square base) and a flea comb. All other brushes, combs and wipes are optional. Keep in mind that any white areas around the eyes, nose and mouth will often be discolored, but shouldn’t be smelly. Introduce your Fuzzy wuzzy puppy to the daily brushing routine as soon as possible.

Grooming should be a time your dog looks forward to, or else your life will quickly become miserable. Use positive reinforcement and lots of verbal praise and treats during any grooming session. Your FuzzyWuzzy Puppy love to be the center of attention and quickly learn to stay put for it. Get out any tangles with a soft brush first, then with a slicker. A flea comb helps check for parasites and for very small, tough tangles. Clip the nails only when necessary. A puppy cut makes this routine a lot easier.


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